Qollabor support page

Community Support

Qollabor is continuously moving forward. We believe a technology platform like this can only survive if it is open source. Therefore Qollabor is licensed under the MPL2 (Mozilla Public License 2.0). Being an open source project Qollabor provides a space for its community to interact, if you want to get familiar with Qollabor the best way is to join our community.

Commercial Support

Are you considering Qollabor as your Case Management solution? To every organisation that decide to adopt Qollabor, Qollabor or one of its implementation partners are able to provide you with support on CMMN, functional analysis, training and consultancy.

Qollabor can offer support for all the aspect of your Qollabor implementation (from the modeling to the deployment of the final solution).

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Qollabor Implementation Partner

Are you a solution or service provider? You want to add Qollabor to your services portfolio? In order to ensure good understanding of the technologies and implementation approaches it is required that initial projects are supported by engineers of certified partners. After a successful implementation, Qollabor will certify you and your engineers. By certifying with Qollabor you'll be able to offer professional support for the modeling and technical solutions in Qollabor.

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